How To Diagnose And Treat Milia On Your Face

Posted on: 1 April 2016
If you suffer from small, raised, yellowish bumps on your face and cannot seem to get rid of them, these bumps might be milium cysts, or milia. These small cysts are usually harmless, yet they can be unattractive to look at. Milia is very common with babies and will usually clear up on its own, but children, teens, and adults can also develop these bumps. Here are several things you should know about milia.
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Adult Acne: Causes, Prevention And Treatment

Posted on: 27 July 2015
When it comes to someone with acne, you're probably imagining a gangly teenager with braces, awkwardly shuffling his or her feet before asking someone to the school dance. Time to open your eyes and look in the mirror, however. The face of acne today is potentially your own. Adult acne has recently been on the rise. With 51% of women in their 20sfacing acne as a problem, and upwards of 43% of men in their 20s seeing adult acne on the rise, this is a real problem that should be addressed.
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